Money Freedom Forever Conference

“Discover How to Ignite Your Money Freedom and Make Your Financial Dreams a Reality – Join Carol Hunter-Lawson Live in Atlanta”

It’s a new decade! If you have made a serious decision to “achieve perpetual Money Freedom as your lifestyle for a lifetime”, then join me Carol Hunter, The Money Mender
March 28, 2020 at the Cobb Galleria in Atlanta, Georgia, where I will help you design the blueprint for your new Money Freedom.

What I know for sure is this: Everything necessary to propel your life into another dimension of Money Freedom is already within you, and NOW is the perfect time to jumpstart the process.

I am ecstatic about your decision to be mentored by me. At Money Freedom Forever, I will teach you how to:

  • Apply strategies to eliminate outstanding debt forever in 2020.
  • Use a Money Map to IGNITE your Money Freedom.
  • Start investing NOW with only a few dollars.
  • Assess the strength of your estate plan.
  • Discover Money Freedom benefits for small business owners.
  • Maintain Money Freedom during your retirement years.
  • Build a legacy of wealth.
  • And so much more!

My Story

carol-hunter-newFor those who are not familiar with my story, I want to be totally transparent to assure you that I am qualified and highly capable of preparing you for a lifetime of perpetual Money Freedom.

My childhood was not easy. My mom was left to raise four children on her own and money was very scarce in our home.

When I graduated from college as a young adult, my money mindset was underdeveloped. As a result, I graduated with a B.S. degree in Accounting, 19 credit cards and over $30K of unsecured debt.

But 13 years after my self-initiated education in financial literacy and starting my Financial Education company, I retired from Corporate America at age 36 and achieved millionaire status by age 37.

By age 40:

  1. The mortgage on my primary residence was paid in full.
  2. My real estate portfolio was generating a million dollars annually.
  3. My net worth had elevated me to multi-millionaire status.
  4. I had achieved a lifestyle of perpetual Money Freedom.
  5. My Money Freedom had given me the power to CHOOSE life on my terms.

So, I totally get it!  Whether you are a product of the Millennial, Gen-X, or Baby Boomer era, you may have:

  • Survived a childhood experience similar to mine regarding money.
  • Made some unwise financial decisions that complicate financial progress.
  • Had to recover from a divorce like me.
  • Lost a spouse to death without adequate life insurance.
  • Inherited the sole responsibility of caring for an aging parent.
  • Survived a medical illness without sufficient health insurance.

If you consider your authentic truth with full transparency, you also may have:

  • Started saving for retirement much later than you should have.
  • Never received any formal financial literacy education.
  • A fear of investing because of limited knowledge about risk tolerance.
  • A great job and stable income, but your money is not growing.
  • Lost everything during the last recession due to no emergency reserves.
  • A desire for Money Freedom but don’t know how to achieve it.

Listen, life happens without notice to everyone at some point. If you answered YES to any of these things, it’s not too late. Money Freedom is still a reality for you in this new decade.

The past is behind you and a fresh opportunity for financial success awaits you. Your presence at Money Freedom Forever is a giant step forward and will prove to be a game-changer with your overall financial elevation.

This is your moment! It’s your time! If not now, when? I encourage you to join me at Money Freedom Forever to renew your financial power and grant yourself permission to break the chains of financial bondage on every level forever!

Your decision to participate will finally put an end to:

  • Delayed Dreams and Destinies.
  • Suffocating in debt and slowly dying from financial stress.
  • Settling for a mediocre life.
  • The inability to CHOOSE life on your terms because money is depleted.

One More Thing!

If you are running short on cash flow to purchase a seat, here is an option for you to consider. Invite 7 people to attend the conference with you. Once your guests register and pay in full by December 31, 2019, your registration fee will be waived. That’s right! You would be able to attend for FREE!

It’s that easy, Simply email the names of your 7 attendees to Once the payment status is confirmed, a complimentary registration will be rewarded to you. There are always other options available and I encourage you to take advantage of this offer if you need it.

There are so many more reasons why you should participate and I am looking forward to downloading an abundance of financial revelation that will absolutely change the trajectory of your life and money freedom forever!

Register now, and I look forward to sharing an amazing day in Atlanta, Georgia helping you:

“Achieve a Lifestyle of Money Freedom for a Lifetime”.

I Will Help Your Dream Become A Reality!