Hi, I’m Carol Hunter,
the Money Mender.

I help women rebuild their finances to achieve money freedom and wealth accumulation, even those who are getting a late start.


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Becoming financially free isn’t rocket science.

You don’t even need a degree.
It’s pretty darn simple – when YOU know better, then you DO better.
I’m the Money Mender. Some people call me Mama Carol.
I’ve helped thousands of people go from struggle to thriving.

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I have been following the financial mentoring of Carol Hunter for about 20 years plus. I have participated in 3 programs under her guidance. Through her teachings and mentoring, my husband and I have been able to live a financially sound life, establish and maintain an emergency account and prepare for retirement.

From her mentoring and training we have the freedom to enjoy those spontaneous moments in life; emergencies and vacations without constantly having to worry.



I heard about Carol Hunter through a retreat I attended back in 2007. She spoke about taking control of your finances and I was immediately drawn to her passion and desire to help others get out of debt.

I would recommend Carol Hunter to any person who is having a hard time taking control of their finances. As a Coach and Mentor, she is genuinely concerned about her clients because her passion drives her to effect change in the lives of others.



My husband left me and my kids shortly after my second delivery by C-section. I was the primary breadwinner in the family but did not own or manage the finances, wanting him to feel like the man. Not sharing this for pity. I came to Coach Carol with credit card debt, upcoming divorce costs and so much more. Immediately (within 60 days) we put things in place that put me at ease to sleep at night. That included a will, a living trust, insurance adjustments, and a budget. I was 33 and learned a ton. Coaching with Carol was a lot of grace and a lot discipline, and I’m in a much better place because of it.



Hoooonnnaaayyyy!!!! I was a mess!!!! God chose you for me and will be forever grateful. During one of the most critical times of my life going through a divorce, a crazy baby daddy and making money like it was a running water, you made time to mentor me with my finances. You made me work hard for what I wanted. I’m grateful today that the only debt I have is my home and it will be paid off in less than 4 years and I will not even be 50 yet! God actually used my gift to make room for me in your busy life!


Meet Your
Money Mender

Meet Your
Money Mender

CAROL HUNTER, The Money MenderTM, has been a leading Personal Finance and Money Freedom Expert to women for over 30 years. She has authored 2 books, spoken to tens of thousands in an international speaking career and reached over 30 million households through her live TV appearances, including TBN, Atlanta Live and the FOX network.

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